SunTM's XACML Implementation for JavaTM

Sun's XACML Implementation

This is an implementation of the OASIS XACML 1.0/1.1 standard.


com.sun.xacml This is the root package, which contains the PDP class where most people will want to start.
com.sun.xacml.attr Contains many of the classes related to attributes and attribute retrieval.
com.sun.xacml.attr.proxy This package defines proxy classes for all of the standard datatypes.
com.sun.xacml.combine All of the combining algorithm support is in this package.
com.sun.xacml.cond Support for Conditions is in this package.
com.sun.xacml.cond.cluster This package defines the FunctionCluster interface that is used to define a cluster of functions that are all implemented by some common class.
com.sun.xacml.ctx All of the classes that support the context schema are in this package.
com.sun.xacml.finder The finder package supports all of the pieces of the XACML specification that require custom implementation.
com.sun.xacml.finder.impl The few included finder modules are provided in this package.


This is an implementation of the OASIS XACML 1.0/1.1 standard. It supports the full specification including parsing policies, managing requests and responses, processing policies against requests, adding new attribute types and functions, and providing modules for hooking into external services. This is an OpenSource project started by Sun Microsystems.

NOTE: The classes in this project support parsing all the XACML types and support being encoded back into their XML form. At present, this is being done by hand, and with limited functionality. These routines will be useful for people who want to parse policies and requests, or for those who want to build tools that create XACML structures, but they are only being provided as a temporary measure until a more robust system can be introduced. As such, consider all the getInstance and encode methods to be in a state of flux.

Sun's XACML Implementation Version 1.2

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