SunTM's XACML Implementation for JavaTM

Package com.sun.xacml.finder.impl

The few included finder modules are provided in this package.


Class Summary
CurrentEnvModule Supports the current date, time, and dateTime values.
FilePolicyModule This module represents a collection of files containing polices, each of which will be searched through when trying to find a policy that is applicable to a specific request.
SelectorModule This module implements the basic behavior of the AttributeSelectorType, looking for attribute values in the physical request document using the given XPath expression.

Package com.sun.xacml.finder.impl Description

The few included finder modules are provided in this package. These provide some basic functionality to get an application started, but should by no means be considered enterprise quality. They provide a file-based access to a specific set of policies, a way of getting current time/date/dateTime values, and simple XPath support for selectors.

Sun's XACML Implementation Version 1.2

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