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Interface FunctionCluster

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbsFunctionCluster, AddFunctionCluster, ComparisonFunctionCluster, ConditionBagFunctionCluster, ConditionSetFunctionCluster, DateMathFunctionCluster, DivideFunctionCluster, EqualFunctionCluster, FloorFunctionCluster, GeneralBagFunctionCluster, GeneralSetFunctionCluster, HigherOrderFunctionCluster, LogicalFunctionCluster, MatchFunctionCluster, ModFunctionCluster, MultiplyFunctionCluster, NOfFunctionCluster, NotFunctionCluster, NumericConvertFunctionCluster, RoundFunctionCluster, StringNormalizeFunctionCluster, SubtractFunctionCluster

public interface FunctionCluster

Interface used by classes that support more than one function. It's a common design model to have a single class support more than one XACML function. In those cases, you should provide a proxy that implements FunctionCluster in addition to the Function. This is particularly important for the run-time configuration system, which uses this interface to create "clusters" of functions and therefore can use a smaller configuration file.


Method Summary
 Set getSupportedFunctions()
          Returns a single instance of each of the functions supported by some class.

Method Detail


public Set getSupportedFunctions()
Returns a single instance of each of the functions supported by some class. The Set must contain instances of Function, and it must be both non-null and non-empty. It may contain only a single Function.

Note that this is only used to return concrete Functions. It may not be used to report abstract functions.

the functions supported by this class

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