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Class OrderedPermitOverridesRuleAlg

  extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.CombiningAlgorithm
      extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.RuleCombiningAlgorithm
          extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.PermitOverridesRuleAlg
              extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.OrderedPermitOverridesRuleAlg

public class OrderedPermitOverridesRuleAlg
extends PermitOverridesRuleAlg

This is the standard Ordered Permit Overrides rule combining algorithm. It allows a single evaluation of Permit to take precedence over any number of deny, not applicable or indeterminate results. Note that this uses the regular Permit Overrides implementation since it is also orderd.


Field Summary
static String algId
          The standard URN used to identify this algorithm
Constructor Summary
          Standard constructor.
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Field Detail


public static final String algId
The standard URN used to identify this algorithm

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Constructor Detail


public OrderedPermitOverridesRuleAlg()
Standard constructor.

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