Development Tasks

Because the tasks, thus far, have been addressed by a small group, and because the list isn't growing very fast, this hasn't been moved to the Sourceforge task tracking system. If the task turnover rate increases, this may change. If you have strong feelings one way or the other on this, please mail us!

This is a list of concrete and abstract tasks that have already been identified as good next steps for this project. Interested? Feel free to sign up for some, or offer your own ideas.

Concrete Tasks

There are several small and large changes/additions that we have already identified as important to this project. If you're looking for something to do to get you started with the codebase, you might consider working on one of these tasks. If you've got questions about these tasks, want to suggest other tasks, or want to start working on a task listed here, check out this page on how to get started as a developer on this project.

Note: With the 1.2 release finished, we're starting to look at what has to happen for a 2.0 release. This will involve a lot of work, but the task list isn't ready yet. For the time being, all that's left here are the few things that didn't get picked up for the 1.2 release. If you're interested in what else needs to get done, or if you have specific things you'd like to see happen in 2.0, please let us know!

Abstract Tasks

These are some general tasks that we need people to start considering.

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