SunTM's XACML Implementation for JavaTM

Class StandardCombiningAlgFactory

  extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.CombiningAlgFactory
      extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.BaseCombiningAlgFactory
          extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.StandardCombiningAlgFactory

public class StandardCombiningAlgFactory
extends BaseCombiningAlgFactory

This factory supports the standard set of algorithms specified in XACML 1.0 and 1.1. It is the default factory used by the system, and imposes a singleton pattern insuring that there is only ever one instance of this class.

Note that because this supports only the standard algorithms, this factory does not allow the addition of any other algorithms. If you call addAlgorithm on an instance of this class, an exception will be thrown. If you need a standard factory that is modifiable, you should create a new BaseCombiningAlgFactory (or some other CombiningAlgFactory) and configure it with the standard algorithms using getStandardAlgorithms (or, in the case of BaseAttributeFactory, by providing the datatypes in the constructor).


Method Summary
 void addAlgorithm(CombiningAlgorithm alg)
          Throws an UnsupportedOperationException since you are not allowed to modify what a standard factory supports.
static StandardCombiningAlgFactory getFactory()
          Returns an instance of this factory.
 Set getStandardAlgorithms()
          Returns the set of algorithms that this standard factory supports.
Methods inherited from class com.sun.xacml.combine.BaseCombiningAlgFactory
createAlgorithm, getSupportedAlgorithms
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addCombiningAlg, createCombiningAlg, getInstance, setDefaultFactory
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Method Detail


public static StandardCombiningAlgFactory getFactory()
Returns an instance of this factory. This method enforces a singleton model, meaning that this always returns the same instance, creating the factory if it hasn't been requested before. This is the default model used by the CombiningAlgFactory, ensuring quick access to this factory.

the factory instance


public Set getStandardAlgorithms()
Returns the set of algorithms that this standard factory supports.

a Set of CombiningAlgorithms


public void addAlgorithm(CombiningAlgorithm alg)
Throws an UnsupportedOperationException since you are not allowed to modify what a standard factory supports.

addAlgorithm in class BaseCombiningAlgFactory
alg - the combining algorithm to add
UnsupportedOperationException - always

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