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Class FirstApplicablePolicyAlg

  extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.CombiningAlgorithm
      extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.PolicyCombiningAlgorithm
          extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.FirstApplicablePolicyAlg

public class FirstApplicablePolicyAlg
extends PolicyCombiningAlgorithm

This is the standard First Applicable policy combining algorithm. It looks through the set of policies, finds the first one that applies, and returns that evaluation result.


Field Summary
static String algId
          The standard URN used to identify this algorithm
Constructor Summary
          Standard constructor.
Method Summary
 Result combine(EvaluationCtx context, List policies)
          Applies the combining rule to the set of policies based on the evaluation context.
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Field Detail


public static final String algId
The standard URN used to identify this algorithm

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public FirstApplicablePolicyAlg()
Standard constructor.

Method Detail


public Result combine(EvaluationCtx context,
                      List policies)
Applies the combining rule to the set of policies based on the evaluation context.

Specified by:
combine in class PolicyCombiningAlgorithm
context - the context from the request
policies - the policies to combine
the result of running the combining algorithm

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